Strength Coach Roundtable

    The Strength Coach Roundtable was an active podcast on the Rowing Chat Podcast Network from February 2016 to September 2020. Rowing strength coaches Will Ruth, Blake Gourley, and Joe DeLeo recorded 18 episodes of detailed discussion about strength training for rowing. Six of these episodes featured guest contributors joining the discussion with specific expertise on topics such as low back pain and rib stress injuries, diversity and inclusion in rowing and strength training, strength training for adaptive rowing, and more. You can find archive links of each episode below, including a page of shownotes with links and additional helpful materials. You can also listen to past episodes on Rowing Chat Soundcloud, iTunes, or Youtube.


    Episode List (2016-2020)

    Ep. 18: Farewell and Our New Project: “Science of Rowing”

    Ep. 17: Black Lives Matter, guest Frank Clayton

    Ep. 16: Ankle Mobility for Rowers (and Blake’s new book!)

    Ep. 15: 2019 Joy of Sculling Conference Recap

    Ep. 14: Core Training for Rowing, guest Dr. Fiona Wilson

    Ep. 13: Will’s new book, “Rowing Stronger, Second Edition”

    Ep. 12: Preventing Low Back Pain in Rowing

    Ep. 11: Movement Assessments for Rowing

    Ep. 10: Strength, Physical Therapy, Rowing, guests Karen Calara and Caitlin McClain

    Ep. 9: Strength Training for Adaptive Rowers, guest Tara Morgan

    Ep. 8: Rib Stress Injuries, guest Karen Calara

    Ep. 7: Squatting for Rowers

    Ep. 6: Deadlifting for Rowers

    Ep. 5: Performance Psychology, guest Sara Hendershot-Lombardi

    Ep. 4: Recovery

    Ep. 3: Strength Training for Injury Prevention

    Ep. 2: Strength Training for Rowing Performance

    Ep. 1: Introduction and Overview

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