Blake Gourlay book

The Movement of Rowing explains how movement limitations at the foot & ankle affect a rower’s performance, technique, and health. The book is loaded with self-screening strategies and solutions to help rowers reach their full potential. The 11 Chapters Include: Rowing Injuries, Rowing Mechanics and Prerequisites, Screening Rowers and Rowing Solutions Get 30% off the […]


Rowing Chat has been selected by the Feedspot panelists as one of the Top 10 Rowing Podcasts on the web. Take a look Feedspot Rowing Podcasts Top 10 Rowing Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020

William Mahoney

Finding good quality clothing when you are athletic can be a challenge – particularly for men. Dress shirts are not designed for masters rowers whose arms and backs are more muscled than the average “desk-jockey”. Introducing William Mahoney – the shirt maker for athletes Their range of dress shirts is designed from the start for […]

Listener Survey

Hey there – we are running a survey about YOU, our lovely RowingChat listeners. Would you grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage and give us your time to answer the survey questions? Seriously you can   relax knowing that you have contributed back to us – think of it as a ‘return […]

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