Hello Rowing Fan

If you want to send us an email, you can do so here.  Well, you won’t be sending it to me but rather a real, organic-water, electrical, reality intelligence processing unit [R.O.W.E.R] that might forward the message on.

Why use this form instead emailing me directly?  Because, at this point, pretty much all emails from people I don’t know end up in an infinite reply queue that will never be cleared.  This form gives you a fighting chance if you can convince the R.O.W.E.R. mentioned above to forward your message.

A few suggestions:
  1. If you want to suggest a topic for a podcast, or a guest, or you want to become a RowingChat host, give details
  2. Shorter is better.
  3. If you’re an advertiser tell us your budget in the message.

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