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Faster Masters Rowing Radio 4th August 2020

Questions and topics this week for Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe asked by Masters Rowers just like you. Sponsors Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging https://rowing.chat/sponsor/nuts-and-bolts-guide-to-rigging/ Speedcoach Summer Regatta Series https://rowing.chat/sponsor/speedcoach-summer-regatta-series/ Timestamps to the show 05:00 Bonus this month is a video assessment for Faster Masters subscribers. Get eyes on your rowing if you don’t […]

EXR erg video games

Alfred Campenaerts talks about developing a game to play on the erg. Sponsors Speedcoach Summer Regatta Series compete at your local water https://rowing.chat/sponsor/speedcoach-summer-regatta-series/ Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging – the only book you need to get rig right https://rowing.chat/sponsor/nuts-and-bolts-guide-to-rigging/ Timestamps 02:20 Alfred is the project lead on Salty Lemon entertainment who build video games […]

Ready, Row! USA #80: Rowers Seeking Singles!

“Sweeps Rowers Seeking Singles!” Buying a single or double shell may not be *exactly* like dating, but these days it can be just as stress-inducing – or thrilling, depending on your perspective! And if you’re a sweeps rower, you’ll need to learn how to use two oars! Our correspondent Mark Wilson of All-American Rowing Camp […]

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