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Bucket List Rowing

Ever since the 2007 movie, we’ve started bucket lists for everything. Now it’s time for you to plan your rowing event bucket list. Timestamps 00:30 Things we are going to do in rowing before “kicking the bucket”. The Faster Masters Rowing self-guided training plan to help get you fit, faster and the confidence you’re doing […]

Rushing in the rowing stroke

We continue our mini-series on speed murdering mistakes in rowing and sculling. Part two follows last week’s deep dive into blades on the surface …. this week we take a look at Rushing Off The Back. What, how, causes, cures. Timestamps 01:00 These issues are straightforward to resolve. As a coach I can see the […]

Dragging blades on the water murders boat speed

We start a mini series on things which kill boat speed. And how to fix them. Part One: Dragging oars along the water surface Resource Pontoon Floats are a cheap aide to building confident bladework 3 Value Bombs 1. Watch a crew – are blades parallel, is the space between athletes’ heads moving at the […]


“It’s focused on Masters, respectful of and relevant for older Masters 60+, useful accessible tools for training & improvement. The positive and lighthearted attitudes of the hosts combined with seriously good content.”

“Great information! Knowledge and warm interaction of the hosts.”

“The knowledge and perspectives of the hosts. They are very relatable, natural and down to earth.”

“A vast array of content / topics, knowledgeable hosts.”

“I like the quality of guests, depth of interviews.”

“Very insightful interviews from top-level coaches and athletes that are not available anywhere else. Rebecca is a great presenter for the program.”

“I like the ability to hear the expertise of elite coaches, athletes, and others in the sport of rowing that I cab learn from as a masters athlete. I aim to be what Marlene Royle calls an elite master.”

“The Faster Masters hosts: two experienced female rowers as hosts (go women!) who speak well and keep a friendly, relaxed flow of conversation and information.  The global reach: A Brit and a Canadian coming with different aspects and training and race situations. The different formats: interviews, listeners’ questions, seasonal topics – always relevant for me.”

“Some Masters info sources (like US Rowing magazine masters corner) remind us to wear sunscreen or drink enough water or suggest we remember to warm up before exertion. These are important for sure…. but really?

Marlene takes serious masters rowers seriously, and knows about striving and excellence in masters rowing, and helps us achieve our goals through smart training and hard work. I like very much the specifics, like descriptions of training categories, how to pace a 1k erg race, and other info that we can really put into practice that makes a difference.”

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