Irish Rowing

Welcome to the Irish Rowing Podcast. Hosted by rower and journalist Niamh Hayes, this podcast will feature the latest news and events from around the country. Join Niamh and meet the athletes, coaches and people behind the scenes of river, coastal and offshore rowing in Ireland.

Full Stroke Nutrition

Hosted by nutritionist Lillian Morton.  The Full Stroke Nutrition podcast is all about what you eat. Everyone knows rowers eat.  A lot. Lillian de-mystifies the complexities of how your food fuels your sport.  What to eat, when to eat and how to eat so you get stronger and recover faster so you can do more […]

Rowing Data

The show dedicated to understanding the “numbers” behind rowing.

RowingWolf interviews

Sean Wolf is the Rowing Illustrated forums maestro and he also interviews athletes based in USA for his RowingWolf podcasts.    

Faster Masters Rowing Radio

Welcome to Faster Masters Rowing Radio – hosted by Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe, this show is designed for athletes who train without their own coach.  We discuss training tips, technique drills and skills exercises, motivation and psychology and how to race. Follow Faster Masters Rowing Radio by subscribing to get email notifications of new […]

Ready Row USA

Welcome to Ready, Row! USA. Presented by Charlotte Pierce, Mark Wilson, and Tara Morgan. Charlotte Pierce is the publisher of Pierce Press and a competitive masters sculler at Community Rowing in Boston. producer, director, host Mark Wilson runs the All American Rowing Camp with Jim Dietz in DeLand, FL. He holds rowing camps in exotic […]


The anchor podcast on the network is RowingChat.  Hosted by Rebecca Caroe since 2013, it’s an interview-format show which showcases rowers, coaches, coxswains and rowing products / services. What’s RowingChat all about? I believe rowers like to talk and to learn.  And so RowingChat gives everyone the chance to hear from experienced athletes and coaches […]

Strength Coach Roundtable

Tune in to hear rowing strength coaches Will Ruth, Blake Gourley, and Joe Deleo discuss topics in the world of strength training for rowing. With occasional guests, these three dive deep into training topics to discuss how to get the absolute most from your strength training for rowing, whether it’s the best lifts and muscles for more […]

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