The anchor podcast on the network is RowingChat.  Hosted by Rebecca Caroe since 2013, it’s an interview-format show which showcases rowers, coaches, coxswains and rowing products / services.

    What’s RowingChat all about?

    I believe rowers like to talk and to learn.  And so RowingChat gives everyone the chance to hear from experienced athletes and coaches who have many years in the sport.

    I enjoy hearing about the “backstories” of pathways into rowing and moving up towards elite.  They are very generous with advice and insight into technique and training tips which have helped them.  Listeners say they like to try these too.

    “Just a quick note to say how much I get out of the Rowperfect site and RowingChats .I get more info from Rowperfect than I do from National body which says one of two things …National body bit slack or RowingChat is pretty good (I prefer this one myself!).”

    Past Episodes

    You can listen to past episodes of Rowing Chat Soundcloud, iTunes, or YouTube.

    After each episode, we post shownotes and a recap right here on the Episodes page. We often refer to exercises, articles, or other resources during the podcast, and this is an easy way to show demonstrations and more information, so make sure to check those out after each episode!

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