Strength Coach Roundtable #14: Core Training for Rowing

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We bring in special guest Dr. Fiona Wilson for this episode to discuss core training for rowing. Dr. Wilson is a rower, physiotherapist, academic researcher and professor at Trinity College of Dublin, and part of World Rowing’s expert panel for the Low Back Pain Clinical Pathway project debuting in 2019. In this hour-long episode, we clear up what exactly IS “the core,” what is the importance of the core for rowing performance, how to train the core for better performance and reduced risk of injury, and things that rowing and strength coaches should stop and start doing in their rowers’ training.

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  • Jeff Kirby

    Hello Will and Fiona,

    Great podcast! I’ve already listened to it twice, and I’ll probably go through it a couple more times. I have lots of questions, but the main one for now is about Dr. Wilson’s deep / high rep body weight squat program. She spoke of alternating 5 deep squats with 5 “pulses” for 3 minutes. What are pulses?

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    Jeff Kirby

    • StrengthCoachWill

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks very much. Yes, I am hoping that Fiona will be able to get her camera out and film some of these, as it’s very hard to accurately describe them in spoken/written word only. I will update this post when that occurs, and also send it out through my email list and social media.

      • Jeff Kirby

        Thanks, Will. Looking forward to it!

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