Strength Coach Roundtable #13: “Rowing Stronger”

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We’re back for a quick episode to talk about Will’s new book, “Rowing Stronger, Second Edition.” The first edition was Rowperfect UK’s best-selling e-book since 2016, and after 3+ more years of coaching, learning, writing, and talking with rowers and rowing coaches all over the world, Will has produced a second edition with revised and all-new content. Blake and Joe contributed guest chapters, and join this episode to talk about movement assessments and kettlebell training for rowing, and information and discussion that didn’t make the final cut of the new book.

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0:00: Introduction

  • Brief personal updates

5:30: What’s New in the Second Edition

12:15: Blake’s Chapter — Movement Assessments for Rowing

29:40: Joe’s Chapter — Kettlebell Training for Rowing

“Rowing Stronger, Second Edition” is available in e-book at Rowperfect UK and in e-book and print at RowingStronger.com.

Thanks for listening! If you have a question or comment, please leave it below and we’ll respond. Until our next episode, you can listen to all of our old ones here on Rowing Chat archives.

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  • Mike Huet

    Really enjoyed the discussion. Does Joe have a video of the breathing timing and the kettlebell? I’m also hoping you’ll expand on the proper breathing technique/pattern in the rowing shell.

    • Joe DeLeo

      Here are links to some YouTube videos on the kettlebell swing.

      In terms of breathing during the rowing stroke you will exhale at the release as you complete triple/quadruple extension. You will inhale to begin the recovery, then exhale before the catch and quickly inhale again. Depending on cadence you may do 1 breath cycle per stroke or more. Intensity and practicing the breathing will help with efficiency. Hope that helps!

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