Strength Coach Roundtable #18: Farewell Episode and “Science of Rowing”

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This is the final episode of the Strength Coach Roundtable on Rowing Chat, as we launch into a new collaborative project called “Science of Rowing.” In this episode, we’ll tell you about our next project, how we learned to use research in our coaching and training for rowers, and cover “quick hits” on six different rowing research studies we’ve reviewed in our first two issues. Each Science of Rowing issue contains three takeaway-focused reviews of rowing research, video and graphic content to help move the knowledge into practice, and a podcast episode of the three of us digging further into the research and applications. We close with some thanks and a look back on our four years with Rowing Chat.

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0:00 — Introductions

2:40 — How we use research in our coaching, learning, writing

7:05 — Quick Hits from “Textured Insoles Affect The Plantar Pressure Distribution While Elite Rowers Perform On An Indoor Rowing Machine” (2017)

14:39 — Quick Hits from “Sport Injuries In International Masters Rowers: A Cross-Sectional Study” (2018)

24:39 — Quick Hits from “Electromyography And Kinematics Of The Trunk During Rowing In Elite Female Rowers” (2009)

30:00 — Quick Hits from “Effect Of Training Combined With Different Breathing Entrainment Patterns On Physiological Adaptations During Rowing Exercise” (2010)

38:11 — Quick Hits from “Skeletal Health and Associated Injury Risk in Collegiate Female Rowers” (2020)

43:40 — Quick Hits from “Local Muscular Endurance And Prediction Of 1 Repetition Maximum For Bench In 4 Athletic Populations” (2010)

50:42 — A Farewell Toast

  • Special thank-you to Rebecca Caroe, as well as episode guests Sara Hendershot-Lombardi (#5), Dr. Karen Calara (#8/10), Tara Morgan (#9), Caitlin McClain (#10), Dr. Fiona Wilson (#14), and Frank Clayton (#17).

Thanks for joining us for this episode and any of the previous 17! Our episode archives will remain available as long as Rowing Chat wants to keep them here. We hope you’ll want to join us on our new project, “Science of Rowing.” Come check us out, download the free Sample Issue, and take advantage of the Rowing Chat listener discount coupon (through 10/1/2020) if you want more!

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  • GA

    Is your podcast meant for all rowers? Or is it meant for elite rowers? If you want to be welcoming to new rowers, novice rowers, returning rowers, rowers recovering from injuries or illness, or the like, you might want to lay off the “it was so hard to go at 100 watts” stuff. Not all of your listeners pull 250 watts with ease. “It was so hard to go that slow, couldn’t decrease my pressure so low” comes off as elitist to folks who may be proud of their circa 100 watt work.

  • Blake Gourley

    GA, I want to apologize for coming off this way. Please understand that we did not mean to say that 100 watts may not be significant to others. What we meant by the comment was that the intensity chosen by the researchers, for this particular group, was 65% of their VO2max. No matter what wattage that translates to, for you, or anyone else, 65% of your VO2max is quite low. So we can’t value the changes that were identified by the sub-maximal test as highly as the changes found in the high intensity tests. Sorry again for the confusion or for unintentionally coming off this way.

  • Paula Leier-Engelhardt

    Is there a brand of textured insoles you would recommend? I am very interested in applying this to my own rowing.

  • Paula Leier-Engelhardt

    Thanks much!

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