Strength Coach Roundtable #11: Movement Assessments for Rowing

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Rowing strength coaches Will Ruth and Joe Deleo discuss movement assessments for rowing. How can we evaluate an athlete’s movement and use that information in our coaching? We talk application to strength training and rowing training so that you can get the most out of your movement in the weight-room as well as on the water or erg.

This is episode #1 of a new podcast series. From here, we’ll discuss how we strengthen each area of a rower’s body to build a stronger, healthier, faster, better rower. Future episodes will include squat lifts, hinge lifts, core and total body power, and upper body.

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Catching Up 

  • What was Joe up to over the hiatus?
  • Sorry for #TeamBlake, as co-host Blake Gourley needs to focus on coaching, business, and other opportunities and will not be returning to the Roundtable 🙁
  • Outline of upcoming episodes in this series

Basics of Movement Assessment for Rowing

  • Different types of assessments, expectations, and general philosophy of movement assessment

What We Do, Why, and How

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Thanks for listening! If you have a question or comment, please leave it below and we’ll respond. Until our next episode, you can listen to all of our old ones here in the Rowperfect UK archives.

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