Strength Coach Roundtable #4: Recovery

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 We really jammed a lot into this episode to talk about recovery for rowing as well as strength training. You’ll learn all about active and passive recovery techniques, finding a recovery protocol that works for you, and of course WHY recovery is so vital to both short and long-term improvement, health, and performance. You can only train as hard as you can recover, so tune into this episode for how to improve your recovery for rowing.

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0:00 — Re-introductions and what we’ve been up to over summer and fall

Joe’s Leo Training Podcast

5:15 — Common and controllable factors for recovery for rowing


F.lux App

Stress management

Breathing Techniques

Hydration (Blake’s article on Hydration for Rowers)

“Plant Nanny” App

Blake’s General Tips for Injury Prevention

Joe: Warming Up and Cooling Down

22:20 — How to develop your own personal recovery for rowing protocol

Using a training log and technologies to track and monitor recovery and performance

The importance of recovery as you age

Blake on Foam Rolling

Will with “Mobility for Rowers”

Will’s bulk meals, “Recipes for Strength”

45:50 — What you can do right now from home for recovery for rowing

53:38 — Final Notes

Thanks for listening! If you have a question or comment, please leave it below and we’ll respond. Until our next episode, you can listen to all of our old ones here in the Rowperfect UK archives.

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