Strength Coach Roundtable #15: Joy of Sculling Conference Recap

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Hosts Joe DeLeo and Will Ruth presented and co-presented at the Joy of Sculling Conference in 2019. Will presented on low back pain and rib stress injury research and takeaways for rowers, rowing coaches, and strength coaches. Joe presented on the history of strength and conditioning training in rowing. Both co-presented “Strength Training 101,” intended for rowers and coaches of all levels to get started and make progress with basic strength training. In this episode, we’ll recap our presentations, do some Q&A with co-host Blake Gourley, and catch up on what we’ve been up to in our coaching, rowing, and learning.

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2:00 — What we’ve been up to since our last episode

8:55 — Joe: Highlights from “The History of Strength Training for Rowing”

24:10 — Will: Highlights from “The Research on Low Back Pain and Rib Stress Injuries”


45:45 — Will/Joe: Highlights from “Strength Training 101”

Thank you to the Joy of Sculling Conference organizers for inviting us to present this year, and for allowing us to make the recorded presentations broadly available!

And, thank you for joining us! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below, or contact us individually via social media or email. As always, you can see past episodes in the archives here on Rowing Chat.

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