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New this month is a training advisory service for masters athletes – Faster Masters Rowing by Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe.

Designed for masters who train alone, or who are at clubs where coaching is not provided, this program allows self-directed learning oriented towards masters who want to improve their skills for fitness or competition; who need a training program; need technique coaching; need motivation and advice to achieve their rowing and sculling goals.

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Faster Masters Rowing

June training programme

They just released the June training program for athletes whose peak event is this month. It is in two phases. The first phase is to sharpen your technique and finalise race preparation. The taper week is for the week before the regatta to get rested and focused for the championships. 

There is a parallel program for those who have another peak race in later in the season called the 1k Aug/Sept peak.

Each month contains 6 separate modules covering the whole gamut of advice which a coach could give you.

  • Training program

  • Technique program

  • Land training

  • Peak performance tips

  • Rowing lifestyle advice

  • Bonus gift

In June,  the land training includes videos with 8 exercises especially for your leg strength including deadlifting with kettlebells, the glute bridge and my favourite, the Y-W-T-L sequence.

Peak performance articles on how to practice your racing starts including a few robust comments on racing nerves and another on the “Beginners Mindset” and intrinsic and extrinsic feedback during your practice.

Are you in the habit of getting regular sports massage?  Marlene reviews what happens to your body and what the therapist can do for you during a massage session.

A promise to subscribers

Row Faster This Year.  This sums up our approach to masters rowing.  Have fun, make friends, gain skill and overall, go faster!


Rebecca Caroe & Marlene Royle

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