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The Rowing Network is a coach education website set up by Community Rowing Inc in conjunction with Rowing Australia led by Matt Lehrer and Ron Batt.  This is the second Episode we have recorded with the Rowing Network – Episode 1 is here.

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01:00 Challenge for rowing coach education
03:00 Mentoring as coach education and informal learning
06:00 Do clubs see coach education as their responsibility?
07:00 USA approach is getting education into the hands of coaches. New coach induction
09:00 Benefits of face to face learning
11:00 The Rowing Network portal – Level 1 training course for people new to coaching rowing
13:00 Getting the most out of your athletes is a new course
15:00 Course outline demo 4 segments – Great instruction, Organisation, Consistent Messaging, Commitment
18:00 Module 1 what athletes want overview
23:00 The genesis of the course material. The power of data and feedback loops as a development tool CB Sands-Bohrer
25:00 Pricing is AU$180 or AU$100 for the two courses. New plans for regular site visitors short resource content and a subscription service
30:00 Future vision is to launch a sweep rigging course
33:00 Indoor rowing for primary schools which is game-playing oriented

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