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RowingChat welcomes Graham Benton – the self-confessed “Erg Daddy”.  Graham came to rowing via being a champion on the  Concept2 and has multiple UK and World medals and world best times to his credit.

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Graham Benton relaxes at the erg champs.

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Timestamps to the show

01:00 Introduction and background in rowing

03:00 Fastest erg time 5:42.5 nearly beating Matthew Pinsent

04:00 Getting recruited to Tideway Scullers under Bill Barry as a coach

10:00 World Class Start talent ID programme under Peter Shakespeare

15:00 Henley final losing by 3 feet.  Graham has been in 3 HRR finals losing by a total of 10 feet.

18:00 I love rowing and winning.  When you’re good at something it’s hard to walk away.  A poison chalice.

19:00 Eddie Fletcher is my indoor rowing scientist coach.  He makes me confident in what I do.  It’s about layering speed on speed.  Giving me the proof points that I can do it.

21:00 Training as an older athlete – less is more.  In a race, the cox can talk over the demons in your head.

28:00 I’m working on now is using the rate more.  My big scores were high 20s / low 30s.  Now for 10k I work on 34-36 stroke rate.

31:00 The display I choose is the average meters to first / second place in a race [C2 race format].  I row a flat race profile, as simple as possible

34:00 My sprint technique on the C2

39:00 You may be surprised but I stop during a lot of training sessions, never in a race.  I try to assess the value of what I’ve done.

44:00 Rowing with Bradley Wiggins

50:00 How to improve your erg score.

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