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We decided to turn the tables for August and to interview Rebecca Caroe who hosts RowingChat. Joe de Leo, expert podcaster from the Leo Training Podcast agreed to be the guest host.

Listen to RowingChat with Rebecca Caroe on SoundCloud

Timestamps to the interview

01:00 Introduction and background in rowing

08:00 My introduction to Thames Tradesmens Rowing Club

12:00 Being an athlete and being a coach

15:00 The perfect race – have you had one?

20:00 How Rowperfect UK got started and developed as a business

25:00 Education for Rowing

34:00 Rowing Data – the future needs

37.00 Using drills and exercises three times

40:00 What’s new and coming up for Rowperfect?

45:00 What could Rowperfect do differently to better serve you?

48:00 More hosts for RowingChat – could you become a rowing podcaster?

52:00 The future of rowing clubs – access – flexibility of mode – modern busy lives – health and wellness

Watch RowingChat with Rebecca Caroe on YouTube


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