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Greg Spooner is a physiotherapist with deep expertise in rowing and movement analysis. Our chat covers how to deal with injury as a coach and as an athlete.


Timestamps to the show

01.00 Introduction and background in rowing
02.00 Rowing the Atlantic and why you should bring more food.
Rowing into the Sun (book) by Jordan Hanssen
04:00 My approach to injury rehabilitation
08:00 Recurring injuries and why your spine is like a balloon filled with toothpaste
12:00 Foundation of good mobility – 2 exercises to loosen your back
15:00 Advice to coaches – stress communication about aches and pains.
19:00 Sleep is a performance-enhancing drug for sport
23:00 Advice for masters rowers without a coach. Use the internet to research ways to gain speed and comfort. Download the free Injury Prevention Starter on https://rowphysio.com/about/
25:00 How to self-treat back pain – Read Will Ruth’s collection of research studies on RSI in rowers
30:00 Sleep – to be effective you need an honest assessment of your current habits
Sleep Study references:
37:00 Gear you can use to stay in good shape. Morph Collapsible Foam Roller 
The more you can understand your injury the better you can visualise and manage recovery.
Key question to ask a doctor or therapist “Can you explain that another way?”
Warm up link for rowing – 8 minute video
41:00 Remote consultations are available with Greg via www.rowphysio.com

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