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RowingChat is really delighted to be interviewing Julien Bahain international representative for both France and Canada [separately] and now finding life after rowing and working on the FISA Athletes Commission.   

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Timestamps to the show

1:00 Introduction and background in rowing

2:00 Falling in Love with Rowing

05:00 Comparing rowing with horse riding

08:00 The double scull is a complex boat comparing it to the quad

15:00 The only race we didn’t perform well in 2012 was the Olympic regatta

17:00 If you only live for rowing it’s a trap.

21:00 Retirement was brutal.  Who am I now?

35:00 Comparing the French [dispersed] and the Canadian [centralised] rowing systems.

40:00 Our Rio performance was stolen.  I’ve never been so fit before.

43:00 My favourite boat manufacturer

47:00 Doping in sport. Rowing has values as well as results. I’m an advocate for jail and life bans.

54:00 The FISA Athletes Commission and the Lane Selection programme change we are lobbying for now.


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