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iCrew.club Software was developed by Kevin Goyena for use with his club, MBRSC.com where head coach Helen Tilghmann helped specify and improve it through active use. Read on for a special offer for RowingChat listeners.

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Timestamps to the show
01:00 Introductions
05:00 Helen coaching skills as she transitioned from athlete to coach
08:00 Club structure at Mount Baker Crew – the white board with magnets for crew selection line-ups
12:00 The crisis of necessity – 35 minutes to get on the water
15:00 iCrew is a web system initially for practice lineups
21:00 Juniors we use iCrew to check attendance
23:00 Regatta and boat / oar allocation management
30:00 Kevin demonstrates iCrew from a rowers perspective including “My dates away” feature
34:00 Kevin demonstrates iCrew from a coach’s perspective including erg scores and weight adjusted scores.
42:00 Regattas in iCrew allow multiple events and boat allocations on a single day plus integration to RegattaCentral for event timings. It calculates crew average ages.
49:00 Future enhancements include boat logging and on-water safety logs plus document signing for permissions and memberships.
54:00 Helen’s research into core practices for good coaching – build relationships, social and emotional growth and achieving peak athletic performances. Ask a question instead of telling bad news.

Access one month free on iCrew software www.icrew.club 

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