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Eira is a rowing coach and athlete who started High-Performance Parenting offering support for parents of athletes involved in any sport at any level. HPP runs seminars, workshops and 1-2-1 sessions looking at subjects such as nutrition, anti-doping, sport/life balance and talking to a child about their sport.

As well as supporting and advising parents, HPP offers a great opportunity for parents to feedback to coaches, thus streamlining and synergising the parent/coach relationship.  Eira is passionate that the journey in sport should be positive and offer opportunities for growth and learning, for athletes, coaches and parents alike.

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01:00 HPP is for any parent of a child who rows
05:00 Top dos and don’ts for parenting sporting children.  Open communication with athlete and coach, Embrace making mistakes.  It’s their game not yours.
07:00 Effective dialogue – protocols for communication
09:00 New group induction topics – use parents as allies in the support network
15:00 Sport / life balance – don’t give up things because rowing has a high training load.  Periods of under-recovery are normal.  Morning monitoring.
19:00 The sporting journey should be fun for parents too.  Find out likely race outcomes and prepare your own emotions.
22:00 Nutrition for athletes – protein eaten regularly in meal and snacks – recovery snacks of carb + protein
26:00 What causes conflict in sport.  Selection decisions are hart to do transparently in rowing.  Empathise with your child, accept their disappointment.  Encourage then to ask the coach for feedback.
32:00 Can young people understand and learn from disappointments?  Are you going to be in sport for the long term?
37:00 Learn sporting heroes’ journey stories
38:00 How can a coach make fair selections?  Have a policy readily available. Key events, how the event crews will be selected.  The coach has final say.
40:00 What is the difference between sport and an unfair situation?
44:00 Dispute resolution – allow both parties to be heard.  Redress or not?
48:00 Peer group friendships and racing up an agegroup
51:00 Workshops for parents, nutrition, sport life balance, psychology, how to talk to your child about sport, recovery snacks, supporting your child.

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  • Marisa Monteiro

    Hi, I have a teen girl who has recently been diagnosed with narcolepsy/cataplexy. She is a passionate rowing athlete, very seriously committed to this sport. Do you know of any similar case, to give us any help about situations she may face? Thank you.

    • Eira Parry

      Hi Marisa,
      Thanks so much for getting in touch. I will message you privately with a comprehensive answer to your query.

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