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Crossing the Line Sport is dedicated to helping athletes “cross over” into retirement from active sport.  Whether you’re an Olympian or a club athlete, scaling back your rowing can be a challenge – weaning yourself off dopamine.  Gearoid Towey set up CTL to educate federations, coaches and athletes about the process and how to help teach the skills.

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01:00 CTL is a preventative service for athlete retirement
08:00 The genesis of CTL – addiction post sport to dopamine and seeking subsitutes
06:00 Do clubs see coach education as their responsibility?
11:00 The stigma of asking for help – a grief process of retirement when it’s not your choice (injury or deselection)
14:00 CTL has articles and resources on transition – Headspace (mental), Careers (passion and purpose), Tools for Life (skills to repurpose)
20:00 Federations have a responsibility for athlete development
22:00 Everyone can benefit – start working with junior teams to learn the skills young
26:00 Conferences on mental health, career development with Greg Louganis (diver), Ben Johnson (sprinter), Kim Brennan (rower)
28:00 Greg’s story – he was HIV Positive at Olympics and diving was a refuge for depression as well as battling his sexuality
32:00 How to handle depression – Mental Health First Aid Course
34:00 Symptoms of depression – withdrawing, distant from the group, performance declines.  Solutions depend on acuteness.
40:00 Drugs in rowing – we’d be naive to think rowing is immune
42:00 Ben Johnson’s story – taking drugs at the Olympics.

46:00 Athletes make the choice to dope Joerg Jaksche ASADA video. What is good decision making?

50:00 Whistleblowing on doping – sign the WADA code.  Reporting is an obligation.  Protect your right to a fair race.

52:00 Should doping bans be for life?

56:00 CTL Webinars and Drop-ins – monthly live chats.

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