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App alternatives for rowing electronics and how to mount in your boat. Phone mounts and taking a phone in a boat so you feel confident using it.


What’s in the programme this month? – Two programmes – for 1k racing in May or June and another one for July / August peak. – Land training and strength and conditioning programme. – Lifestyle – ways to prepare yourself before going rowing. – Performance – bladework technique versus erg technique and exercises to get your bladework skills back. – Different warmups for different workouts. – Bonus gallery of rowing tattoos.

2:30 Phones in boats Rowing electronics were getting elderly at the club and so we reviewed what we needed. Alternatives considered were – apps which can be used in boats; Lowering the cost to membership of tracking simple measures like time, split and stroke rate.

04:15 A mount for the phone I used a Quad Lock mount phone case which includes the female mount. It came with three different lengths of velcro. I loop this around the wing rigger or the footstretcher in any boat. The Quad Lock I bought was a version for an arm band velcro strap – which is very long.

07:15 Different mounting solutions 3D printed mount that goes over a wing rigger. Has an NK mount on one end. The silhouette of the profile of the curve for the mount is unique to each wing rigger design. It isn’t a very snug fit because you need flex to get it on and off the wing rigger. The second one has a curve which allows a water bottle to sit on the far side of the rigger. This version has a Quad Lock mount instead of the NK mount. Thirdly a footstretcher metal bracket which slots into the saw tooth adjustment for your foot stretcher adjustment. It tightens with a screw knob and I chose a Quad Lock mount.

11:00 Rowing Mindset Webinar with Jack Burns – teaching how to train your mind to balance the body training you do. Improve your ability to focus and avoid distractions. It will be recorded and then available on demand after 23rd April 2024.

13:00 Buy these from 3D Row in Australia https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61556918630054&locale=ps_AF

The Flying Boatman in UK https://theflyingboatman.co.uk/shop/

14:00 Hacks to take phones in boats. Take a look at having phones in boats as an alternative to rowing electronics you’ve used to date.


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