Rowing blisters – 6 treatments

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01:00 Prevent rowing blisters

Hand cream may be insufficient to keep your hands soft and supple enough to prevent blisters forming. By wearing rowing gloves – padded palm and finger protection. The Crew Stop gloves are specialist – light and flexible gloves.

04:00 Treating rowing blisters

  1. your blister is filled with fluid. Tape your hands. But band aids and plasters are not good when you row – they roll up and stick to the oar handle.
  2. raw skin exposed.
  3. skin around the edges is inflamed.
  4. raw skin is cracked. Bind the edges of the crack together with tensioned band aids. A butterfly cut made with micropore plaster.
  5. trim the hard old skin around the blister wound
  6. healed blister but a raised callous on your hand. Don’t allow blisters to form under the callous – they hurt because they’re deep in your epidermis.

rec.sport.rowing discussions about blisters https://groups.google.com/g/rec.sport.rowing/search?q=blister

Methylated spirits are NOT a good solution – avoid at all costs as it kills living skin tissue.

13:00 Good hand hygiene when rowing


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