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Robert Treharne Jones, Interviewee On RowingChat

Robert Treharne Jones, Interviewee On RowingChat

Known as “The Voice Of Rowing”, Robert Treharne-Jones is THE commentator for the most esteemed rowing events the world over. He has commentated at the likes of World Rowing Championship and Olympic regattas while training the dedicated regatta commentary crew at Regatta Radio.

As an IT consultant by profession, Robert resides at Henley-On-Thames while immersing himself in the world of rowing. He has experienced the athletic side of rowing as well, rowing for crews such as The British Rowing Club

Robert knows all the ins and outs of regattas and keeps track of a massive database of rowing athletes big and small. You’ll be able to quiz him on fantastic athletes, question him on his commentary and hear what he has to say on the upcoming Henley Royal Regatta going on just after this RowingChat.


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