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Today we welcomed Kim Brennan to RowingChat for an in-depth dive into her personal training philosophy and motivations.

The RowingChat recording is on Soundcloud, YouTube and iTunes – please leave us a rating and share this link with your rowing friends.


01.00 Kim introduces herself and her background in rowing and sport

05:00 On being told my career in track and field was over aged 19

09:00 Rowing physiques and how to change them

11:00 My first rowing lesson

14:00 Training alone or as part of a team

16:00 How the boat moves through the water and favourite drills – “Stuff the duck” and Blade Drill Races

25:00 Motivation while training alone

27:00 Lyall McCarthy is your only coach – why?

31:00 Drew Ginn tells his rowing tale

38:00 Training programmes

42:00 Tapering and preparing to race

48:00 Changing my technique after London 2012 Olympics – fingertip sculling, 1 finger rollups

51:00 Oar and boat preferences

55:00 My rigging numbers

Connect with Kim on Twitter @kimmyjcrow

Listen to RowingChat with Kim Brennan

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