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What is a rowing mindset? Do you need one? And can it be trained?


01:00 Rowing for life Welcome Jack Burns from Edge Rowing who has an interesting backstory. He enjoyed the process of learning to row rather than the external competitions and winning. His struggles were around injury and mindset. He learned the systems and tactics for mindset improvement in a systemised way.

03:45 What is performance mindset? Ability to handle external factors, to perform to the limit and ability to visualise what you want to achieve. Where is your attention going, how to handle distractions and nerves while dialling your focus to what really matters. The Edge Rowing business is about getting the edge. Bringing high performance focus to anyone. Jack wanted to say he had put everything he could into achieving his fullest potential. 08:00 Rebecca’s 19 year old self also worked out how to focus.

09:45 Rowing gives transferrable skills for life. Jack’s early rowing progress was based on his drive and his will. He got injured with a good mindset and a good trajectory. When he returned he had a bad mindset and was lying to himself about this. He trained inconsistently with poor focus. Jack now helps rowers shortcut the process of learning rowing mindset.

15:00 Why Edge Rowing is different The approach is to be athlete obsessed to deliver the best service possible. Row to the best version of yourself. Data analysis and tracking individually which is used to make changes to programs. The coaching mindset is for Edge Rowing to be so good that it could take someone to the Olympics. Attitude, motivation, understanding new concepts are all part of the athlete experience. Masters’ ability to recover means we cannot do 12 sessions a week – physiology and balance is key. Each decade as you age through the sport of rowing is very different. Jack thinks recovery is overlooked as an aspect of performance. He believes rowing is behind the curve in the application of science to training. if the athlete doesn’t succeed in the programme, it’s the athlete’s fault. But if the coach changes things and it doesn’t work, the fault is laid at the coach’s feet.

25:00 Rowing Mindset webinar April 23rd 2024 An early bird discount will be shared with members who receive the Faster Masters newsletter. Sign up here https://fastermastersrowing.com/newsletter/ It will help you find the process you need to focus on within your mindset.

Get yourself a free self-assessment from Edge Rowing – you get a mark and it gives you a clue to whether you are rowing to the best version of yourself with a feedback report including what you need to improve. https://scorecard.edgerowing.com/ Racing is 90% in the brain – a lot of successful outcomes can be trained. Set up your rowing in a way that will suit you. Want easy live streams like this? Instant broadcasts to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. Faster Masters uses StreamYard: https://streamyard.com/pal/d/5694205242376192


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