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Mind games book, signed Annie Vernon, Annie Vernon rower,

Win yourself a personally dedicated, signed copy of Annie Vernon’s book Mind Games during April 2019.

For everyone else, buy a signed copy from the Rock The Boat UK shop from this link….

Just write a comment below telling us

What Gives You The Impetus To Race?

We will pick the winner from all the comments on 1 May 2019.

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  • Peter O'Connor

    Just watch 2019 Maadi Cup U18 Boy’s eights……CBHS beat Christ’s College……Strategy, even imperfectly executed, and determination plus good technique etc, beat the best male eight’s coach in NZ with a crew of proven winners (won the u-17 eights in 2018),,,,surely the best local execution of mind games. Note the “rainbow” stripes on the oar shafts of all the finalists…….product of “sledging” at the SI schools’ regatta…….clearly “mind games”…….and the preliminary wins including the U-18 fours, U-17 eights, U-18 quads, u-18 pairs etc……who was doubting the result with 500 m to the finish line???

  • Jennifer

    The feeling of pride you get on the start line. Whatever happens after that, happens, but in that moment anything is possible.

  • Jan Schelter

    At age 59, I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I have already accomplished many things people find impressive like climbing Mt. McKinley and hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). This is not why I race. While the friendship and camaraderie of my team are valuable beyond words, it is not why I race. I have a need to find out what I can do, what my limits are. So, curiosity is my impetus to race.

  • Elliot Sharp

    I’ve honestly never felt more focused and concentrated during a race compared to everyday life. During the race I feel like I have blinkers on and can’t hear or see anything apart from what Is absolutely necessary. This feeling for me is what I look back on and want to recreate. The feeling of immense concentration and drive to perform.

  • Ali Boileau

    May 3rd… late to the start; no chance to win! But…only saw the post today!
    Think I should get a copy of her book to read and see if she wants to contribute to a mindfulness and sculling week sometime … we have a summer of sculling with Yoga this year… with some amazing coaches & teachers & hope to chat with Rebecca about it soon… & shall listen to some of the podcast/radio things later… but all looks good! Ali

  • Rebecca Caroe

    Congratulations to Jennifer – she has been selected as the winner!

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