Tara Morgan Rowing and Aging

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Coach Tara Morgan specialises in teaching adults to row and has developed a program for Seniors. She is writing a book about Rowing and Aging as a resource for clubs who want to offer these programs which will be published by Rowperfect later in 2016.
05.00 Three key parts of Rowing and Aging. 1. Programs – every club has two groups: athletes with private boats and organised, coached teams. Is your club recreational or competitive or both. Is there a social aspect to your group? Tara has a Long Distance Rowing group who go out Sundays for 20km rows.
07:00 2. Policies for rowers who need “accommodation”. Include float tests, pre-flight boarding, carrying the boat and oars.
12:00 3. Equipemet for rowers who need accommodation. This does not mean they are beginners. Tool for pushing out height spacer washers.
16:00 Strategy for coaching an inclusive program. Starts on the land. Have a Captain role, Keep attendance roll. “Circle of Care” phone calls to check in on people who don’t come to rowing.
23:00 What is the appeal of rowing to older people?
20:00 Testing heart rate zones protocol
29:00 Pain avoidance and exercise.
30:00 Using gloves can help with over-gripping. Gel seat pads allow you to sit up better
33:00 How to balance strength and cardio training? RPE scale – rate of perceived exertion,
37:00 Benefits from strength training. Kettlebell training. Spinal hygiene training.
40:00 What to do with an athlete who can’t get to the catch position because of inflexibility.
45:00 How to tackle the mental space for erg testing.
49:00 What decline in performance can I expect as I age?
51:00 The Rowing and Aging Project and Survey

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