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Matt Rostron - Interviewee on RowingChat

Matt Rostron – Interviewee on RowingChat

London Youth Rowing is a charity dedicated to rowing for all, especially the young and the less fortunate. Matt Rostron, CEO of London Youth Rowing, is joining us on RowingChat this month to discuss how they achieve their goals and grow the London rowing community.

They have achieved success in some ambitious rowing projects. They’ve delivered indoor rowing to state secondary schools accross London, founded the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships, and work regularlywith over 8,000 11-18 year olds every year to open up the world of rowing, both competitive and recreational.

When Matt joined, the charity was very small indeed, with just 3 full time members of staff. Now they operate with a 23 person team and are expanding their reach into other sports (Canoeing and Sailing) with some big name partners.

Matt will tell us about how to grow accessibility, how to fund raise; what it takes to enable rowing with organisations and partners who have no knowledge of the sport, and smart ways to coach young people.


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