Mahé Drysdale

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Mahé Drysdale - Interviewee on RowingChat

Mahé Drysdale – Interviewee on RowingChat

This last RowingChat podcast of the year is going out with a bang. We’re interviewing one of the biggest names in New Zealand rowing and an athlete who has raised the standard of the competitive sculling world…


Mahé Drysdale


Mahé has 10 World Gold Medals under his belt for his rowing career. A New Zealand sculler competing at World Cup level since 2002.  He is arguably the best single sculler of this generation, breaking world sculling records numerous times. While he is known as a single sculling expert, he moved into that boat after racing with the New Zealand coxless four in his first Olympic Games – Athens, 2004. He has also won the Henley Royal Regatta Diamond Sculls event four times since 2006. Come and hear is story, ask him some of your pressing rowing questions and see what he has planned next!


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