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A bra for the everyday active woman who needs to feel secure and supported in everything she does. The Rose & Thorne Active Bra is a fully wired bra designed to keep your bust exactly where it should be – creating a more confident you.

Sizes from 10DD to 20E means there’s a size perfect for you.

Get a 10% discount using the coupon ROW10 at the checkout www.roseandthorne.com jump straight to the Active Bra shop here.

The Active Bra is designed to take you from work to working out.

My 5th bra purchase and once again I was not disappointed! Awesome sports bra! Linda S – April 2019

Just love this Bra, finally no popping over the top, which I’ve suffered in the past, it’s so comfortable to wear, highly recommend it. Wendy M – April 2019

At my size, I struggle to buy comfortable bras at a reasonable price, so when I found this site I was skeptical but so very happy with my purchases. Geana C – March 2019

Love this bra style – very comfortable and even though it is for active wear. I wear everyday. I have a couple and I will need to get some more. Love the higher mesh part so if you bend over, you are more covered. Paula S – March 2019

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Rose and Thorne’s active bra in black or white

The Rose & Thorne team design bras with Forgiving Fit™ technology so you get the most comfortable bra that suits your shape.

Rose & Thorne created five iconic shapes to serve women’s differing needs. These shapes came about through dedicated research and testing, on real women, combined with decades of experience in the lingerie industry.

Each shape serves a different purpose, and these five shapes are not going to change. So once you’ve found the shapes that work for you, you can buy bra after bra without ever having to try them on again.

The Active Bra is built using the En Forme shape with the addition of the soft high mesh neckline designed to literally prevent your boobs from falling out when leaning forward. Its padded shoulder straps provide extra comfort and double layered back panel provides extra support.

At Rose & Thorne, we know that every woman’s body is different and that our bodies are constantly fluctuating. We also know that between 60-80% of women wear the wrong size bra. That’s why we created Forgiving Fit™ Technology. A design that gives you more comfort in your day to day lingerie without costing you more or compromising in style.

There are two main components to our Forgiving Fit™ Technology:

The first thing our designers looked at was the fixed measurement – the band around your body, under your bust. Get this wrong and you either feel cut in half or lack any real support. Band-Flex uses a combination of patterns, fabric and construction to ensure the bra adjusts to your body and keeps you supported.

The other key ingredient of any bra is the cup size. If it’s too big, your breasts will abandon any hope of support, too small and two boobs can look like four. Our solution: the Cocoon-Cup, a shape that naturally curves around the breast for a flexible fit with the right amount of support. With Forgiving Fit™ you’ll be much more comfortable with as your body fluctuates or even if you’re a little out with your sizing.

Coupon terms and conditions

ROW10 Discount. Discount code is valid at the Rose & Thorne online store only. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Code is valid until July 30th 2019. Rose & Thorne reserves the right to cancel any orders deemed inappropriate use of the discount code. Discount code must be entered upon checkout to redeem.

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