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Just Strong is an active lifestyle brand for strong women. No matter your sport or strength, we are here to support and encourage you to never give up.  RowingChat is now an affiliate partner to JustStrong and you get a discount coupon to use when you purchase.

Coupon Code REBCAROE10

The team has great designs, great slogans and kit you will enjoy wearing including

Leggings, sport tops , hoodie by JustStrong

Leggings, tops and hoodie by JustStrong

  • Leggings, shorts and bottoms
  • T shirts and crop tops
  • Hoodies and sweats
  • Tanks
  • Phrase tanks – these are BRILLIANT

Go to https://juststrong.com/ and you will be supporting RowingChat and helping us to continue to bring you great rowing inspiration as we earn when you shop!

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