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Jim Flood author of "How to Balance a Boat"

Jim Flood – Interviewee on RowingChat

We welcome Jim Flood to our RowingChat interview podcast.

About Jim:

A master coach educator joins us on RowingChat for April! Jim Flood spends much of his time coaching rowing in disadvantaged and third world countries. His entire approach to coaching in rowing is to bring it up to the standard of other sports, using coaching within those sports as an example to work off. He believes that athletes need to be complicit in the training process and must have a deep understanding of what they are being asked to do. With this, he has found that an athlete’s performance and receptiveness to training greatly improve.

Jim has authored several in-depth rowing books as well as booklets aimed at explaining the technicalities of balancing a boat and the effects of changes in rigging. Jim is a Coach Educator for British Rowing and a Development Coach for FISA. Supported by funding from Olympic Solidarity, he has worked with coaches and National Rowing Federations in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Uganda and Kenya. The broad aim of his work is to raise the standards of coaching and performance in these areas of the world so that their athletes have an improved opportunity to compete at an international level.

Last but not least, Jim is also a former engineer. A good example of his work are his designs for equipment that can be made using local skills and materials to provide basic training boats and rowing machines.


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