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Expert advice for rowers and coaches of lightweight athletes.

Rowingchat, Bill Manning Lightweight rowing coach

Bill Manning Lightweight rowing coach

Questions and timestamps

How do I know I’m a Lightweight rower? 04.00 minutes
How to coach the individual 06.00
Things to do differently with lightweights 11.00
Link to Harry Mahon’s Daily Diary
Harry Mahon’s Rowing Technique DVDs

How to acquire coachability 14.00
Efficient weight training for lightweights 18:00
How to cut weight after winter without losing strength 21:00
What to work on the erg as a lightweight 22:00
Drag factor on the erg 23:00
Doing weight adjusted ergs – measure watts per kilo of body mass 28:00
Weight management within training 31:00
Weigh ins and recovery before racing 35:00
How to select target weights 37:00
What’s your ideal lightweight 41:00
How to get selected 44:00
Link to Get fast fast, lightweight ebook

Tips for masters lightweights 47:00
How to teach the approach to the catch 49:00
What % max weights do lightweights lift 52:00
How to watch out for injury and prevent it 53:00
Ways to get more people into rowing 56:00


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