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Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe discuss how to fit training into a busy schedule; Steering coxless boats and 1k race plans.

How to fit working out into your work day

Inspired by Concept2 article https://www.concept2.com/news/how-to-fit-working-out-your-workday?

  1. Just move- walking, taking the stairs, standing meetings, meetings on the bikeErg
  2. Schedule it- Put a class or your sacred workout time on your calendar
  3. Replace coffee with meters- Catch up with friends in the gym instead of the coffee break room
  4. Find a Community- Cross fit or a sculling group can give you a great group of people to workout with
  5. Get outdoors-Go for a run or bike during lunch time
  6. Motivate- Mid-day or lunch time workouts can refresh you mid-way through the workday or help relieve a little stress
  7. Pack a lunch- Save that time for working out
  8. Shower later- Workout in the gym just before you go home and end your workday on a high note
  9. Be efficient- Rowing or skiing use all major muscles groups get it all in!
  10. If travelling for work- WALK the airport, Carry your bags don’t roll them, Do squats or glute crunches while waiting

Steering how to set up your boat

  • Get the shoe straight
  • Check equal movement both ways
  • Check the wire isn’t too tight or too loose
  • Set your right shoe heel on the knob between the shoes on the footstretcher
  • Agree your calls – for gentle and hard steering

Train side by side for steering practice

  • Race pieces
  • Starts
  • Games like “Indian sprints” for steering and passing
  • Leapfrogging

1k race plans

  • By quarters
  • By focus of 2-3 technical points to row well when the going gets tough
  • By meters
  • Be ready to be flexible during the race

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