Van Dusen Racing Boats

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Van Dusen racing shells are designed for athletes competing at top international levels, but their lightness, stiffness, and responsiveness have also commended them to rowers who value their engineering excellence, durability, and functional grace.

Hull sizes are based on weight class. Each Van Dusen hull size is designed to minimize hydrodynamic resistance and to optimize athletic performance for rowers in a particular weight class. We offer heavyweight, lightweight, and flyweight singles as well as heavyweight and lightweight doubles/pairs.

The used market for Van Dusen shells is very strong due to the longevity of the boats. We often refurbish 20- to 40-year old shells that are still stiff and fast. They are popular with masters and youth rowers alike. We offer replacement parts for our entire fleet, dating back to the late 1970s.

Ted Van Dusen

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