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Hello, I am Matteo Stefanini, as a former Olympic Athlete in the Italian rowing team after 3 Olympic Games; 1x,4x, and 8+ and several medals in a World Championship I felt the need to mix my experience in rowing with the love for my land Tuscany and my Olympian friends with whom I shared all the great challenges in this amazing sport. That’s how The Rowing in Tuscany Academy with Olympic athletes was born.

The Academy offers world-class sculling instruction, our coaches, Olympians, are passionate to pass on all the knowledge gained during a life-long experience in top rowing competitions.

We train both competitive and beginner rowers upon each specific need, in a way to change the program according to every set of skills. You will experience the thrill to row on the same boat with certified and medalists’ Olympian coaches, such as Simone Raineri and Luca Agamennoni.

The program of the Academy will be the scheduled for 4/5 days and focused in a small group of 4/5 people to ensure the best training experience and to benefit the most each rower. Rowing sessions are going to be 2/3 times per day, depending on the needs of different groups. We will be having a detailed video review and discussion of technique daily. All camps will be customizable. Each session will be focusing on different aspects of the stroke where each day you get a new drill or 2 to help you perfect your technique and you’ll be to have access to different Olympic programs of workouts, during our camp we will be hosted by rowing clubs all across Tuscany. On top of it we offer a complimentary remote workout/coaching after your Academy experience. Over the last year, during the pandemic I’ve had the chance to remote training to several American guys with different goals, as a National Championship and World championship where I scheduled different workout program and technical analysis via call. It worked so well, I want to give this extra benefit to the Rowing academy participants.

You will row in a river Arno, throughout history, you’ll pass under Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the Leaning tower in Pisa and in the middle of hills in Roffia Lake, San Miniato where we are based. And after all this rowing, we will enjoy all the flavors that Tuscany can offer, food, wine and wonderful landscapes.

We wait for you.




Matteo Stefanini
+39 392 511 3704

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