Faster Masters Rowing

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Faster Masters™ is a training program for rowers without a coach who want progress, fitness & confidence.

Get yourself fit and rowing proficiently using the Faster Masters program.
Our training program helps you get your bladework right, smash your fitness, improve technique, grow stroke power, and be confident racing so you achieve your rowing goals. Get our Faster Five and you’re on the right track to WIN.

Be coached by Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe with new content each month.
– Training program – for erg or water training
– Land training program – in the gym
– Technique – a rowing, erg or sculling skill to learn
– Rowing lifestyle – ways to live better and more healthily
– Performance – specific advice for improved rowing performance
– Bonus – a surprise for you.

Join hundreds of masters rowers around the world who trust Faster Masters to guild their practice and achieve their rowing goals.

Client testimonial
I hesitated for some months before buying a membership due to doubts about committing to a regular payment. I took the plunge when I compared it to the cost of a few bottles of wine and decided the programme would be better for me than the wine!

Anne-Marie Allison, Tiverton Devon UK

Rebecca Caroe
(022) 647-3993
New Zealand

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