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CrewNerd turns your phone (iPhone or Android) into an on-the-water training tool in any rowing shell, canoe, kayak, SUP, or dragon boat – with no wiring! With a waterproof case, you can get real-time data during your workout, run pre-programmed workouts, and even relay your data to your coach as you row.

CrewNerd uses the accelerometer in your phone to accurately calculate your stroke rate as well as how much bounce (vertical movement) and stern check you are producing. Speed, pace and distance are calculated via GPS. On the iPhone, CrewNerd supports external GPS receivers for faster response and greater accuracy.

Configure the main screen to show the data that YOU want to see in the size and arrangement that works best for you. Choose from the following data:

• Stroke rate (current and/or max)
• Elapsed time
• Distance
• Speed or pace
• Average speed or pace
• Heart rate (current and/or max)
• Stroke count
• Interval count
• Meters per stroke
• Total distance
• Projected time and distance
• Check
• Bounce
• Course (direction)
• Time of day

• Custom workouts

Program simple workouts based on time, distance, or stroke count, or create your custom combination of intervals of any type and duration. Interval programming is very similar to using a Concept 2 monitor. Use CrewNerd’s auto-start feature for automatically starting a workout on your first stroke. Or, use a countdown timer to start the workout 15 or 30 seconds after you start rowing.

• Custom courses

Create custom by plotting your start and finish lines on a map. The application will start the timer automatically when you cross the start line and stop when you reach the finish. This is great for hands free operation in long distance races or for set routes you routinely use.

• Review your data

All workout data is recorded and can be reviewed on the device or exported for use with compatible desktop applications and web sites. Supported export formats include GPX, KML, TCX, and CSV. You can view a map of your workout or view a configurable interval data chart with configurable distance markers showing split times on your phone.

Export data directly to your TrainingPeaks.com or Sportlyzer.com account.

• Heart rate

CrewNerd supports all Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors.

• Live position tracking

Stream your workout data as it happens to any web browser via CrewNerd.com.

• VoiceOver support

For blind and vision-impaired athletes, CrewNerd provides audible feedback during your workouts. Configure the content and timing of the announcements to meet your needs.


Tony Andrews
(425) 442-8089
United States

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