Oar Board

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We are known worldwide for our expertise, creative designs, and our desire to keep customers on the water enjoying life to the fullest.
Our deep history of producing the world’s finest all-water rowing boats and extraordinary attention to detail is fueled by our love of what we do.

About Oar Board®
The Oar Board® stand-up paddleboard rower is the perfect way to convert your existing SUP to a fast single or double scull rowing boat. It is designed by Harold Aune and built in-house to the highest standards. The Oar Board® has a fixed seat and sliding rigger to maintain a steady trim as the hull passes through the complete duration of the rowing stroke. Our sliding rigger also makes it possible to smoothly row with the much shorter paddleboard hulls. The Oar Board® and inflatable adventure SUP can pack down into two easy-to-transport bags and assembled in 15 minutes, opening up the world to more rowing adventures than you could imagine.

About Our Paddle Boards
Custom designed for effective efficient rowing, inflatability and transport. These boards are custom designed for the Oar Board® Rower with toughness, portability and easy storage in mind.

About Whitehall Rowing & Sail
We have built what are known as the world’s finest all-water rowing boats for over 30 years. The Oar Board® is another example of our continuous innovation and talent as we move forward.

Diana Lesieur

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