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We had an awesome RowingChat today with Steve Gladstone and have collated timestamps for the key points we covered during the interview.  Below is a link to watch the video on YouTube or Listen on SoundCloud.  Please subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes and, as ever, tell your friends about RowingChat.

01:00 How to up-skill your coaching colleagues

03:00 Are all the athletes on the same training programme?

04:00 What to coach new athletes joining the crew

07:00 How to encourage dialogue with student athletes

08:00 Balancing training for the Harvard Yale Boat Race with 2k racing

13:00 Using technology in the rowing boat and what to measure and track

16:00 Training the mind and the body – events to prompt expansion and memorable workouts

21:00 Working with coxswains on long distance rows.  Measurable criteria GPS average and targets

This is not water ballet – Steve Fairbairn [buy all his books – Steve Fairbairn On Rowing

25:00 Influx of international students to Yale and US Universities

29:00 Impact of international students on their home national teams

32:00 How I select rowers – observation of development from day one.  Switch Across on the water (seat racing), Timed Pieces

36:00 Favourite drills for rhythm and run – “Add a Pair”.  The heavy load versus the light load

38:00 My one change at Yale that made a difference.  Faith in the Process of the Endeavour: Proper action develops faith.

43:00 The “Phoenix Class” of 2015

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Listen to RowingChat with Steve Gladstone on SoundCloud

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