San Diego Crew Classic

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The San Diego Crew Classic is the premiere spring rowing regatta. It is highly regarded among rowers spanning generations.

But the SDCC is more than just an event for rowing. San Diego is famous for its multi-faceted and multi-cultural experiences, events, and destinations. The Crew Classic is not only an athletic event with competitors at the peak of physical fitness, but a social gathering for enthusiasts to enjoy great local food, a beer garden with San Diego’s famous local craft breweries, and shopping all while soaking in Mission Bay, just a mile from the beach.

The San Diego Crew Classic was formed in 1973 by Patricia Stose Wyatt (a ZLAC member) and Joe Jessop, Sr., (an SDRC member), and other civic-minded San Diegans who intended to bring the nation’s top collegiate crews to Mission Bay in the spring for a showdown regatta.


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