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Nielsen-Kellerman is synonymous with rowing electronics.

From the invention of the NK CoxBox® Coxswain’s Amplifier and Rowing Performance Monitor over 40 years ago to the development of the EmPower Oarlock and real-time performance streaming with the NK Logbook app, NK has continuously developed, built and stood behind performance electronics and voice amplification products specifically for rowing and sculling.

These innovations, along with NK’s Blue Ocean Megaphone®, SpeedCoach® GPS Performance Monitor, StrokeCoach® Rate Meter, Interval Rate Watch and boat wiring and speakers, are relied upon by rowing athletes of all levels as well as coaches to develop insight, drive improvement and communicate clearly.

NK’s products all carry a full two-year warranty and carry a lifetime trade-in value towards the purchase of new products. The majority of NK’s products are designed and built entirely in the USA while sales, service and support is enhanced through our network of long-time partner resellers. NK is proud to be have expanded the technology boundaries of this beautiful, traditional sport and looks forward to many more decades of meeting the needs of athletes from novices to Olympians.

Charlie Biddle
+1 610-447-1555
United States

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