Martin Cross and Andy Triggs Hodge

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Listen and watch the full interview between Andy Triggs-Hodge and Martin Cross as we discuss Ergos and the Olympic Rowing programme.  Listed below are timestamps so you can jump to the bit you want!

7:00 Ergometer Standards for GBR Team

10:00 Egos can get in the way of ergos – what to measure

12:00 Different types of erg – C2, Dynamic, Sliders, Rowperfect – Your weight distribution is the difference

18:00 The Robustness of different ergos

22:00 The Olympics and possible different format options for rowing.  How to make it more interesting, covered more widely and keep lightweights in the sport

25:00 Could the Eight become a relay event?  Create some unknowns and intriguing racing.

30:00 The Olympic movement needs sponsors

34:00 Row Sprints – can we see a different angle for rowers.  How to empower clubs to move to locally based matches that grow spectators

37:00 A Bundesliga format with match racing that is exciting for spectators

39:00 Everything in FISA’s calendar is subordinated to the World Cup and Olympic Success.  Why this is a hindrance

42:00 Performance versus spectacle – can we risk the Olympics becoming demoted?

48:00 Should national team trials be open to fans


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